I have a passion for bringing Buyers and Sellers together and I think this exlusive service that I offer is a great solution for Seller's who would like to sell without being inconvenienced with showings and open houses. 

    This is how it works.   If you have a house that matches the search criteria below, contact me and together we will set up a time for my client to view your home without signing a listing.   If my client decides to bring you an offer, an exclusive listing will be signed prior to the offer being presented.  If the offer is not accepted, the exclusive listing can be cancelled on the spot at your request. 

    Benefits to you, the commission will be reduced since there is no co-operating brokerage to be paid.  Further, you will not need to spend time getting your house ready to sell or ready for showings, there will be no "For Sale" or "Sold" sign on your property, price privacy while selling as your house will not be listed on the MLS.  No one will know you are moving until you tell them or they see the moving truck in your driveway!  



    -  A detached bunalow with an attached garage  

    -  Town home on John Goy Senior Trail 

    -  Detached home on Doctor Moore Court


    -  2 to 4 acres

    -  5 to 11 acres

    -  50 to 100+ acres

    Check back often as this list will be updated regularly.  If your home doesn't match any of the above but you would like me to alert you if I have a buyer looking for a house or property like yours, feel free to contact me and I will add you to my Seller's list.  

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