The obvious reason that homeowners decide to sell their home on their own is to save the real estate fees.  

While the thought is appealing, the reality can be much different. Consider the following ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’

The Pros...

  • Save money on real estate fees

  • You have control over the entire process (this could be considered a ‘Con’ too!)

The Cons...

  • No access to previously sold listings in your neighbourhood;  You could base your price on homes that are currently for sale, but if they are overpriced, you would be comparing your home to an overpriced property.

  • Limited MLS exposure; Your home can be posted on the MLS as a mere posting, but much of the information about your home is missing.

  • Advertising; Can be expensive should you decide to advertise in the local paper.

  • Time; Most homes that are listed ‘For Sale By Owners’ take longer to sell and therefore often sell for less money than it would if the home was listed by a Real Estate Professional.

  • Weekends; Saturday and Sundays are no longer days off as you will be busy hosting open houses.

  • Security; Opening your home up to strangers can be risky, Real Estate Professionals are trained to host safe and productive open houses.

  • Pre-Screening; You may receive, what appears to be a potential buyer, but have they been pre-qualified for a mortgage so that they can afford to purchase your home?

  • Financing; If the buyer is not pre-qualified, who will assist your buyer with their  financing so that the deal will close?

  • Staging; Who will advise you the best way to present your property?

  • Offers & Liability; Who will write up the offer and make sure the appropriate conditions are included to protect your best interests?

  • Home Inspection; Who will arrange and assist on all inspections?

  • Legal; Who will co-ordinate the buyers and sellers attorneys?
  • Deposit; Who will make sure the buyers deposit cheque is placed in a proper secure Trust account?

When you work with us, we look out for your best interests at ALL times and we work hard to make sure that your selling experience goes as smoothly as possible.

We hope that this information was helpful and will make your decision to sell on your own or with a Realtor easier.  Ready to find out how our award winning marketing and negotiating skills can benefit you? Simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you promptly.

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